Parshat Bo

Artist: Tal Regev,  Israel/ England/ Germany

In Parshat Bo, I chose to focus on the last of The Ten Plagues, the death of the firstborn. In the Ten Plagues Moses guides the elders of Israel to slaughter a lamb and to paint their doorways with the lamb’s blood while remaining inside their houses until the morning. The Angel of Death passes over the houses of the Hebrews and their firstborn are protected from the Angle of Death who takes the lives of all the firstborn of Egypt. In my work I represent the figure of the firstborns who were saved from the Angel of Death. The figures are connected to the blood-covered doorposts where the Hebrews dwell. In the dark of night, Moses leads the Hebrews out of Egypt. The last of the Ten Plagues is a symbol of a new beginning. The Hebrew people move into freedom, leaving slavery under Pharaoh’s rule and starting a journey to liberation.

About Tal

Tal Regev is painter working primarily in oils. Her practice is concerned with the embodied experience of trauma for which she explores memory, loss, separation and the affect of pain. Her recent exhibitions include: TAG, DZIALDOV, Berlin / Elegy, Guest Projects, London 2013 / La Scatola Gallery at London Art Fair, Art Projects, London 2013 / IJAYA Finalist Exhibition, Ben & Uri Gallery, The London Jewish Museum of Art, London 2012

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