Parshat Beshalach

Artist: Anya Roz, USA

[The Bible] was a taboo. My mom used to envy Kazakhs or Ukrainians because in school they would study history – some Ukrainian history, some Russian history, Kazakh history. Everybody had heroes. Everybody had legends. The Jewish history was taboo. . . I mostly got Jewish history from images. It [the Bible]was a taboo book. You couldn’t talk about reading it in school. But you could go to a museum and see illustrations by great masters. (excerpted from interview with Anya Roz)

The Exodus story has had significant relevance to me over the years. There are two layers of meaning to which I am drawn. Firstly, the portion’s most obvious theme, the escape from Egyptian slavery. And secondly, underlying that escape, a remarkably detailed description of a process of transformation both physical and internal. In this way, the Exodus is at once a pattern for a transition and a deliberate set of instructions for deep inner transformation.

About Anya

Anya Roz was born in Moscow into a family of artists. Her works, based on Biblical texts and inspired by European painting, re-imagine the ancestral Jewish story through a blend of canonical imagery and contemporary digital photography. Anya studied art in Moscow and New York and received her M.S. in design from Pratt Institute.

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