Parsht Ki Tisa

Hand-made paper and oil paints on parchment, 2008

Artist: Myriam Jawerbaum, Argentina

I have chosen Parashat Ki Tissa because I consider the giving of the Torah to be a main milestone in the history of the Jewish people, the People of the Book. In my work I attempt to represent the moment when Moses descends from Mount Sinai with the first tablets and throws them to the ground upon finding the Jewish people worshiping the Golden Calf they have made during his long stay on the mountain.

If the first tablets, the ones “written” by God´s finger, are broken then the second ones must be written by humans. These second tablets, written my Moses and gudied by an external voice, are the ones that prevail. This law can have cracks in it and invites us to interpret.

In my work this crack and the letter Alef, the silent letter, the first letter of the Hebrew Alphabet and the first letter of the 10 Commandments, inscribed upon the Tablets, are present. This silent Alef represents the “One”, the uniqueness of God, Adonai Echad / God is One.

It is the crevice of the broken stone that separates God´s writing from it’s human form – the stone from the paper, the Revelation from the interpretation. It is also the crevice in the stone through wich God reveals Godself to Moses: “ You may see my back” he states, “only my steps, my footprints…but my face will not be seen”. It is a break that does not allow us to go back to the past, as Dr Diana Sperling writes, “so that the paper will become stone again”.

About Myriam

photo myriam jawerbaum

MYRIAM JAWERBAUM lives and works in Buenos Aires.  After completing her Studies in architecture in 1983, Myriam went on to learn drawing, painting and textiles as well as contemporary Art and Philosophy. She has worked as a curator with “ Tarbut Art” since 2000 and has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions.

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