Parshat Vayera

Mixed media collage reproduced as glicée print on parchment, 2006

Artist: sooze bloom deLeon grossman,  USA

As a Jewish educator, a Jewish artist, a Jewish Feminist, as a Daughter of the Tribe, I find myself full of questions, contradictions, disappointments and intrigue as I contemplate the meanings and the multiple points of entry for interpretation and response. In this work I focused on the mystical concept of áéï äùîùåú / Beyn HaShmashot, the mystical space between the rising and setting of the, lit. two suns –the moon and sun as we know them today. I am exploring the time of the twilight of the First Shabbat before Creation was completed. It is the time before time.

About sooze

Raised in Japan, Hawaii and the Mojave Desert in an ethnically, religiously, socially, & politically mixed family, Sooze Bloom DeLeon Grossman now resides on Vashon Island near Seattle, Washington. A working artist and activist for over 30 years, sooze has worked in glass, textiles, and mixed-media collage.

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